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Industrial MODBUS RS485 Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor

An RS485 temp and humi sensor ranges from 0~100%RH and -40~80℃. Used in applications like smart city, smart agriculture, environmental monitoring, etc. with SenseCAP Data Logger for seamless data collection and management.

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It measures air temperature and humidity ranging from 0~100%RH and -40~80℃. It can be widely used in industrial environment sensing scenarios.

We have two versions of the industrial temperature and humidity sensor. The main difference is the cable connector. Please choose the version that best suits your needs:

(1)This one is with hook-up wires. It is compatible with SenseCAP LoRaWAN® Data Logger to connect with the LoRaWAN® network, enjoying the benefits of low-power and long-range communication.

(2)Another version is with a waterproof aviation connector. That is compatible with SenseCAP Sensor Hub 4G Data Logger, which can collect various sensor data simultaneously and send them via 3G/4G LTE.

It can also be compatible with a Solar Radiation Shield for Outdoor Sensor Protection, and it can be waterproof and reduce temperature buildup when measured outdoors.


  • High Performance: High accuracy, fast response, and stability
  • Temperature Measurement Range: Can be used in -40~80℃


This air temperature and humidity sensor contains an algorithm to achieve an extremely high accuracy data collection process. Also, the high-level tolerance for working conditions and low cost of power provide a solution with long working expectations and saving of human resources.

Recommendation for S2100 Data Logger

SenseCAP S2100 Data Logger can connect to MODBUS RS485/Analog/GPIO industrial sensors including the Seeed Grove Sensors and transmit data from sensors to the LoRaWAN network. Benefiting from its high robustness and waterproof and dustproof enclosure, the S2100 data logger can work under harsh environments such as high UV exposure, heavy rain, dusty conditions, etc. which is ideal for outdoor use. Based on LoRaWAN, it can cover a long transmission range of 2km in urban scenes and 10km in line-of-sight while keeping lower power consumption. Equipped with built-in Bluetooth and app service for OTA configuration and remote management, it enables quick setup and update. It can be battery-powered or connected to a 12V external power supply. When the 12V power supply is connected, the replaceable built-in battery is set to be used as the backup power supply.

“Apart from working with existing sensor nodes, the S2100 data-logger can also be connected with SenseCAP S2110 Grove Converter to achieve a plug-and-play outdoor LoRaWAN sensor deployment experience with various selections of Grove Sensors. It is an ideal solution for developing, fast prototyping, and small deployment for DIY Industrial level LoRaWAN Sensors. Moreover, you can use your existing Seeed Grove Sensors to build your outdoor LoRaWAN sensors without coding. You should try out with this kit.”

Seeed provides the SenseCAP Portal and SenseCAP Mate to help users better manage and check data remotely.


  • Smart City
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Other Sensor Applications



Signal Output

RS485 Modbus Protocol

Power supply


Current Consumption

4mA@24V DC

Humidity Measurement Range

0-100%RH, Resolution 0.01% Accuracy: ±3%RH

Temperature Measurement Range

-40~80, Resolution: 0.01, Accuracy±0.3

IP Rating


Operating Temperature


Installation Methods

Wall-mounted Installation and Tube installation

Cable Length


Connection Methods

Aviation connector and Hook-up wire

Part list

Equipment Number
1 Tube Installation Equipment 1
2 Wall-mounted Installation Equipment 1
3 Plastic Screw 2
4 Metal Screw 2


HSCODE 9025800090
USHSCODE 9026104000
EUHSCODE 9013101000



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