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      Raspberry Pi GPIO Expansion Module

      Raspberry Pi GPIO Expansion Module

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      This module is designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi B+/A+ IO expansion modules, which can effectively solve the Raspberry send IO port insufficient. Module uses four 74HC595 chips to expand 32 IO ports. As shown above, the top of the module will expand the IO of Raspberry Pi again that can be cascaded for more IO expansion modules can theoretically unlimited expansion.


      Product Features:

      • Expanded 32 GPIO

      • Infinity connection for the same module

      • Use wiringPi API ,sample code

      • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B,B+/2.


      • Raspberry Pi 2X13 port

      • Raspberry Pi 2X13 cascade port

      • Q0-Q31 expanded IO port

      Product Parameters:

      • Working voltage: 2.4V-5V

      • IO voltage: 3.3V

      • Expanded 32 unidirectional IO

      • Connection through SPI

      • 100 MHz (typical) shift out frequency

      • 8-bit serial input

      • 8-bit serial or parallel output

      • Specified from -40C to +85C and from -40C to +125C

      Typical Application:

      • Drive the lattice screen

      • Driver numeric display

      • Drive matrix LED

      Product Specification:

      Technical Details

      WeightG.W 26g    


      Questions and Answers

      Hi,How can I change the default IP. If connected to LAN and this IP is used yet from another device - I can not access the linkit.local host?
      on Apr 06,2017
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      it is "mylinkit.local" If you are still now able to ssh into it.. use network mapping tools to look for the ip address "who is on my wifi for windows" or nmap for a linux console. I have tried the static IP thing, beleive me.. in the long run, you wud not wan that, just stick with a host name.
      on May 12,2017 05:40 AM
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        Raspberry Pi GPIO Expansion Module

        SKU 114990169
        11 Available
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