RePhone Geo Kit
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RePhone Geo Kit

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Tracking things down with the RePhone Geo Kit!
The combination of Xadow GSM+BLE  and  Xadow GPS v2 is what makes RePhone Geo Kit brilliant. The kit can fulfill your GPS based project easily and excellently. It allows you to obtain the real-time geographic position, altitude, travelling speed and time information at any time, and all-weather conditions, through GSM network (SMS). Also as a bonus, the Xadow GSM Breakout can provides you more possibilities hacking electronics.


  • Slim and small modules

  • Powered by Xadow GSM+BLE

  • High sensitivity

  • Low power consumption

  • Various rich-featured add-on modules for function extension

  • Stackable, chainable and sewable with other Xadow Modules

Technical Details

Dimensions200mm x 140mm x 20mm
WeightG.W 147g    
BatteryLithium Cells/Batteries packed with equipment UN3481 -PI966
Core Module Xadow GSM+BLE
Microcontroller MT2502
MCU Core 32-bit ARM7EJ-STM RISC processor
Flash Memory 16MB
Power Supply 3.3 – 4.2V
Power Consumption 20mW/30mW/52mW @ standby(no radio)/standby(GSM)/standby(BT)
Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS Class 12 modem
Clock Speed 260 MHz
Connector 35 PIN Connector & 11 PIN Connector for Xadow, SMD Female JST battery connector
Interfaces External ports for LCD, camera, I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIOs etc.
Dimension 25.37mm X 20.30mm / 1’’ X 0.8’’

Part List

Xadow GSM+BLE 1
Xadow GPS v21
Xadow GSM Breakout1
FPC Cable 35 PIN1
FPC Cable 11 PIN1
Battery 520mAh1
User Guid1




Questions and Answers

Rephone Geo kit detects the positioning when it is inside houses or buildings, or only works for the outside??
on Dec 07,2017
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Hi there~ In theory, it can be received indoors, but the situation depends on the environment. We actually test the indoor effect is not good, the signal is weak.Regards
on Dec 08,2017 09:36 AM
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Newbie here. But it seems the pcb antenna for Xadow GSM+BLE does not fit in the slot at all. Is there a trick to it or did I get a defective piece? Thanks
on Oct 16,2018
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Hi there, please take a picture about your hardware and send to thanks.
on Oct 17,2018 14:42 PM
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Hi, I have a Question ¿Rephone Geo Kit can be connected to the internet? or ¿How can I send the GPS coordinates to a database?
on Jan 30,2018
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Hi, Alvaro! We tried with SMS for sending GPS information to a database. It works well! I think you can only use 2G network with GSM module for sending information. If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me:
on Jan 31,2018 06:17 AM
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The battery life transmitting 4 messages per day under normal conditions for assets tracking fixed in remote areas is?
on Aug 24,2017
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Hi, Mary! It depends on how you set up the program. GPS has two main states, active mode spends more energy than passive mode obviously. However, if you use Lua for programming you can configure the other components for spending less energy. Arduino IDE has limitations when you want to work with interruptions. We will start to explore Lua for this issues with energy the next month. I hope to share news soon.
on Jan 31,2018 06:26 AM
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    RePhone Geo Kit

    SKU 113060003
    1 Available
    $45.00/ 1pcs+
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