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RedBear Blend V2 is an integrated "ARM + BLE 5.0" development board. It has integrated Nordic nRF52832 with a DAPLink chip into a single mbed and Arduino compatible board. It is targeted for makers, engineers and students to develop low power Internet-Of-Things (IoT) projects/prototypes quickly and easily.

The RedBear Blend V2 is very popular as it is a "full-size" Arduino compatible board which supports most shields. It has on board a Cortex-M3 MCU that supports DAPLink, slot for Apple MFi coprocessor and two Grove connectors. You should choose Blend 2 if you want to test all GPIOs and functions available on the Nordic nRF52832.



Size: 7 (Length) x 5 (width) x 1 (height) cm

Weight with package: 13g

Part List.jpg

Part List: 1 x Blend



Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 30g
Battery Exclude


ECCN 3A991.a
HSCODE 8543709990
USHSCODE 8517700000
UPC 841454119685
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