RoboMaster GM6020 Brushless DC Motor

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The RoboMaster GM6020 is a brushless DC motor with an integrated driver. The motor adopts a hollow shaft design that offers high torque density, control precision, flexible interaction methods, and intelligent protection. It is suitable for low-speed and high-torque direct drive application scenarios and is an ideal choice for robotics competitions, scientific research, education, automation applications, and more.


Integrated Design

The mort has a built-in driver and angle sensor. With a compact structure and high integration, it minimizes installation space while maximizing output. The motor's highly-integrated structure features simplified wiring and makes the device more user-friendly.


Hollow Shaft Structure

The motor uses an 18mm hollow shaft with high adaptability. Users can mount electric slip rings or other accessories in the hollow shaft according to their application demands. 

The motor features high structural parts, making the entire design compact and efficient.


High Torque Density

The motor boasts a high pole number design, fractional-slot concentrated windings and rare earth magnets which enables it to achieve a powerful torque output in a smaller volume (Maximum Continuous Torque 1.24 N·M).


High Control Precision

The built-in high-precision angle sensor and FOC technology allows the motor to output continuous and linear torque and fully guarantee the control precision of torque output and angle.


Flexible Interaction

The motor supports CAN bus command control and PWM signal control. In CAN control mode, the control command and status data between the controller and the motor offers two-way interaction and advanced control through real-time acquisition of motor information such as angle, rotational speed, and temperature. In PWM control mode, the motor can easily realize angle control by simulating the servo control method. By connecting the motor to a computer, users can get the parameter Configurations and firmware upgrades through RoboMaster Assistant to keep the motor in optimal working condition.


Advanced Protection

The Motor supports early warning and protection for overvoltage, overcurrent, and other problems. The SSTP intelligent temperature protection algorithm of brushless motor effectively avoids overheating and ensures safe and reliable operation.

  • Performance Parameters

    Rated voltage: DC 24 V

    Rotational Speed (without payload): 320 rpm

    Rated torque (max continuous torque): 1.2N·m

    Max speed at rated torque: 132 rpm

    Rated current (max continuous current): 1.62 A

    Operating Temperature Range: 32°~ 131°F (0°~55°C)

    Max Permissible Winding Temperature: 257℉ (125℃)

  • Structure Parameters

    Motor weight: Approx. 468 g

    Hallow shaft inner diameter: 18 mm

    Hallow shaft outer diameter: 22 mm

    Motor diameter: 66.7 mm

    Total height: 45 mm

    XT30 power cable: 500 mm

    CAN cable: 500 mm

    PWM cable: 500 mm


HSCODE 8501101000
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