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Robot car Kit- RC Smart Car Chassis Kit

This is a newly designed four-wheeled car chassis. Unlike ordinary four-wheel drive, the car uses the rear-wheel drive and front-wheel steering for forward, reverse and left and right turns. Compatible with Arduino UNO platform and Raspberry Pi platform

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This is a newly designed 4-wheeled car chassis. Unlike the regular 4-wheel drive, this car uses rear-wheel drive plus front-wheel steering to achieve forward, reverse and left-to-right turn.

In the same way as a professional remote-controlled racing car, two steering rods are used to control the direction of the trolley through the steering gear, which is fundamentally different from the acrylic overhead steering provided by other friends.

In addition, the steering mechanism of the rear wheel has also been changed. The aluminum fittings are integrally formed by pressing, and the motor and the drive shaft are tightly engaged together. The motor uses an all-metal geared motor. If you pursue high speed, you can even use a high-speed motor. As long as it is a 25 mm shaft diameter motor. The addition of two flange cup bearings to the rear wheel ensures a more flexible motor rotation.

Part List :

1 x Anti-collision cotton
4 x M3 * 16mm copper column
5 x M3 * 35mm copper column
2 x M2 * 12
6 x M2.5 * 8
4 x M2.5 * 10
2 x M2.5 * 12
4 x M2.5 * 16
1 x M2.5 * 20
2 x M2.5 * 25
2 x M2.5 * 30
34 x M3 * 8
3 x M3 * 6
2 x M2.5 * 5 (flat head)

4 x Front and rear steering cup
4 x Steering shaft
4 x Bearing(big)
4 x Bearing(small)
4 x Ball head
2 x Ball joint
4 x M2 * 10 latch
4 x Hexagonal coupling
4 x M4 lock nut

1 x MG996R steering gear
4 x M3 * 26 mm copper column
2 x Large steering gear bracket
2 x Sector
4 x Z-type support
4 x Support on a triangle

1 x Plastic gear
1 x 380 motor
1 x Motor bracket
1 x Rocker switch
1 x Metal chassis
1 x Differential box
4 x 65 mm wheel


HSCODE 9023009000
USHSCODE 9023000000
EUHSCODE 9023001000
RoHS 1



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