SDP Mini RPlidar Experimental Platform

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The SDP Mini is a small-size development platform designed by SLAMTEC for evaluating the performance of modular autonomous robot localization and navigation solution(SLAMWARE solution for short).

It is assembled by key components including SLAMWARE Core, RPLIDAR A2 and Breakout 3.0 board, and requires only 8 AA batteries to run well without concerns about batteries and charging. 

The SDK of SDP Mini, supported to run in Windows/Linux/IOS and Android environment, integrates the whole SLAMWARE solution and extra reserved sensor interfaces. 

With SDP Mini, users can have a general understanding about the SLAMWARE solution and examine its basic performance. Run as the most compact structure which realizes the basic SLAMWARE solution, it is suitable for the preliminary evaluation of SLAMWARE solution or the development of robots with basic needs for localization and navigation function.

Technical Details

Dimensions0mm x 0mm x 0mm
WeightG.W 1553g    
Dimension & Weight & Material
Maximum diameter 185 mm±5mm
Height 100 mm±5mm
Weight 0.85kg ±0.05kg
Material acrylic (upper board is 4mm and lower board is 5mm)
Center of gravity
Height 47mm
Location 5mm backward of the centre point
Maximum distance range 8m(based on white objects with 90% reflectity)
Resolution 5cm
Maximum mapping area Varies in different environments and with different batteries
Normal speed 0.25m/s
Maximum speed 0.35m/s
Software interfaces SLAMWARETM Windows/Linux/Android/IOS SDK
Power dissipation & endurance
Operating current 0.7A
Endurance 2h
Power 8 AA batteries
Working environment
Temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃
Humidity 30% ~ 70%

Part List

1 x SPD mini RPlidar platform1




Questions and Answers

What is included in the box? or I need to buy lidar,slamware sperate?
on Aug 22,2017
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From the User Manual It says the Slamware Core and Lidar is included.
on Aug 28,2017 00:50 AM
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What is included in the box? or I need to buy lidar,slamware sperate?
on Aug 22,2017
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    SDP Mini RPlidar Experimental Platform

    SKU 110090146
    1 Available
    $499.00/ 1pcs+
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