SDRPlay Radio Spectrum Processor 2

SDRPlay Radio Spectrum Processor 2

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The RSP2 is a powerful wideband full-featured SDR which covers all frequencies from 1 kHz up to 2 GHz. This enhanced version of the popular RSP1 provides three software selectable antenna inputs, & new stability and clocking features ideally suited to industrial, scientific & educational applications. Combined with the power of SDRuno receiver software this versatile receiver can monitor up to 10 MHz of spectrum at a time. The RSP2 is housed in an RF shielded robust plastic case.

It can used for many applications; for example, amateurs can build general coverage RX, panadapter, trunked radio, SSTV, HFFAZ and packet radio with RSP2. About industrial users, they could use RSP2 for surveillance, EMI/EMC monitoring, ADS-B, remote broadcast monitoring, RF surveying etc.


•Continuous coverage from 1 kHz to 2 GHz

•Up to 10 MHz visible bandwidth

•Powers over the USB cable with a simple type B socket

•12-bit ADC silicon technology (not another 8-bit dongle!)

•10 high-selectivity, built in front-end preselection filters

•Software selectable multi-level Low Noise Preamplifier

•SDRuno—World Class SDR software

•Open API for new apps development

•2 x SMA Software Selectable Antenna Inputs

•1 x High Impedance Input for long wire antennas

•Software selectable MW /FM notch filters

•Highly stable 0.5PPM TCXO trimmable to 0.01PPM

•24MHz Reference clock input / output connections

•4.7V Bias-T (Port B only)

•Robust and strong plastic case

•RF shielding layer inside case

Key Benefits

• Low power consumption, Ideal for portable operation

• Covers all frequencies from experimental LF through to L-Band 

• Supports simultaneous HF and VHF antenna combinations 

• Includes world class SDRUno SDR software • Support for other popular SDR packages (including HDSDR, SDR Console, Cubic SDR and GNU Radio) will follow 

• Ability to synchronise multiple RSPs 

• Software upgradeable for future standards 

• Strong and growing software support network 

• API provided for demodulator or application development 

• Multiplatform support including Linux, Mac, Android and Raspberry Pi 2/3 will follow 

• Up to 16 individual receive channels in any 10MHz slice of spectrum using SDRuno 

• Calibrated S meter and power measurements with SDRuno

SURuno is a free general purpose software defined radio program for the RSP2. SDRuno contains native support for the SDRPlay RSP2 and no extra plugins are required. Third party hardware can also be supported via extra IO interface.

SDRuno provides a rugged and flexible, high performance SDR receiver capability and boasts some excellent features:

• Multiple virtual receiver support 

• Class leading audio quality 

• Calibrated S meter and power measurements 

• RDS support with “DX Mode” for low signal environment 

• Active Noise cancelling 

• RF Notch Filtering 

• CAT and Omnirig control 

• SSB/AM and Synchronous AM modes 

• WBFM and NFM with AFC

Technical Details

Dimensions98mm x 86mm x 32mm
WeightG.W 129g    

Part List

SDRplay RSP21




Questions and Answers

What are the minimum computer requirements for Windows? Will it work with Windows 7?
on Sep 11,2017
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Hi~It seems will work with win7.But we do not have this product in our hand,so not for sure.I have sent an email to the manufactory,as soon as they reply,I will let you know.Regards.
on Sep 12,2017 10:40 AM
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Hi from - this product works fine with Windows & as well as the latest Windows 10. We are always happy to answer questions at from anyone interested in our product.
on Apr 12,2018 14:07 PM
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    SDRPlay Radio Spectrum Processor 2

    SKU 109990267
    24 Available
    $169.00/ 1pcs+
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