Seeedstudio Raspberry Pi Zero Barebones Kit

Seeedstudio Raspberry Pi Zero Barebones Kit

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The Pi Zero Barebones kit is the most basic essentials. You can easily assemble with your Pi Zero.

Part List

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Zero - Raspberry Pi Zero is a five US dollar computer that runs Raspbian and all your favorite applications, including Python, Scratch, Minecraft and Sonic Pi.

  • 1 x Mini HDMI OTG Cable - The mini HDMI to standard HDMI jack. 

  • 1 x Micro USB OTG Cable - The micro USB to standard Type A device, you can connect Wi-Fi dongle, mouser, touchpad, etc with the Pi Zero

  • 1 x 2x20 Pin Male header - Solder this in to plug in Pi HATs, GPIO cables, etc as you would into a normal Pi.

  • 1 x 2x20 Pin Female header - Solder this into GPIO port position, make the best of GPIO port.


  • 1GHz, Single-core CPU

  • 512MB RAM

  • Mini-HDMI port

  • Micro-USB OTG port

  • Micro-USB power

  • HAT-compatible 40-pin header

  • Composite video and reset headers

  • CSI camera connector (v1.3 only)

Technical Details

Dimensions90mm x 25mm x 27mm
WeightG.W 53g     N.W 49g

Part List

Raspberry Pi Zero1
Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter 1
Micro USB to USB Female1
2x20 Pin Male header1
2x20 Pin Female header1




Questions and Answers

which version is the RPi Zero? thanks
on Oct 23,2017
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Hi there~ This RPI Zero is version 1.3, Regards
on Oct 30,2017 15:10 PM
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    Seeedstudio Raspberry Pi Zero Barebones Kit

    SKU 110991025
    3 Available
    Ships on
    $15.00/ 1pcs+
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