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      Seeeduino Frame - Sewing
      • Seeeduino Frame - Sewing
      • Seeeduino Frame - Sewing
      • Seeeduino Frame - Sewing

      Seeeduino Frame - Sewing

      SKU PRO33048P
      Seeeduino Film for creating wearable application
      This item is no longer available.
      Seeeduino Film for creating wearable application. Inspired by Arduino Lilypad, is designed aesthetically keeping your needs in mind. This makes Seeeduino Film platform not only flexible, but also rugged for daunting applications. All the I/O pins are accessible via the petals (large solderable pads). Two or Three additional FPC connectors are available to connect to other Frames. There are optional pads for 2 x 3 pin header (for ISP) and 1 x 6 pin header (for supplying power and serial port programming) .

      • Rich Purple colored board.
      • A robust attachment for a flexible platform.
      • 17 large pads makes I/Os easily accessible.
      • 17 drills makes sewing to fabric easier.
      • A 20 pin FPC connector for connecting to Seeeduino Film.
      • Two or three additional 20 pin FPC connectors for attaching additional Frames.
      • A LED connected to Digital Pin 13.
      • A switch RESET.
      Application ideas
      • Sewing application.
      • Flashy LED applications.
      • Electronic textiles with EL-Wire.
      • As a strong prototyping board for Seeeduino Film

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