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Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire Badge

Please read through the guide in Shenzhen 2 U before making any purchase in this catalogue
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In celebration of our first Maker Faire in China, we created a limited edition, commemorative Maker Faire LED Badge in the shape of a flying egg to symbolize an idea in motion. Some soldering is required to enable the LED. Check the quick guide below if you need some help.
1.Solder the Battery Holder
Lay the battery holder onto the PCB. Then solder the pins on the front side of the board.
2.Solder the Button Pin
Lay some solder on one pad. Pick a pin, reheat the solder and stick the pin on top. Then solder the other pin. Press the pin down firmly when finished. It should look like the last picture.
3.Solder the LED
Insert the longer pin into the “+” hole and shorter into the “–“hole ”. Bend the LED to make it fit in the hole. Solder the LED on the back and cut off the excess pins.
4.Power up
Time to power the LED with a coin battery! Good job! Now you have a blinking badge!

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 10g
Battery Exclude




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