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      UartSBee V5

      UartSBee V5

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      UartSBee v5' is FTDI cable compatible USB to Serial adapter equipped with BEE socket(20pin 2.0mm). The integrated FT232RL can be used for programming or communicating with MCUs. On the other hand, you might connect your PC to various wireless applications via a Bee compatible module. UartSBee provides breakouts for the bit-bang mode pins of FT232RL as well.This Bit-bang mode pins (8 I/O pins) can be used as a replacement for applications involving PC parallel port which is scares now a day.

      UartSBee v5 is the Mesh Bee programmer version based on UartSBee v4. 



      • FTDI Cable compatible.

      • USB 2.0 compatible Serial Interface.

      • 3.3V and 5V compatible I/Os.

      • 3.3V and 5V dual power outputs.

      • Reset button for BEE modules.

      • Bit-Bang mode ready (8 Serial I/Os or as SPI).

      • LEDs for UART and BEE operations. 

      • Can program Mesh Bee

      • UartBee V5 has added a button(SW3) that switch on the FT232's UART as the Tx1/Rx1 of Bee socket or the program interface of Mesh Bee module.



      • Microprocessor :FT232RL

      • PCB size :3.1cm x 4.1cm

      • Indicators :POWER,Green LED. LEDs for Txd and Rxd

      • Power supply :3.3V and 5V DC

      • Interface :MicroUSB, 2.54mm pitch pin header

      • Adapter socket :XBee compatible 2.0mm pitch female pin header

      • Connectivity :USB

      • Communication Protocol :UART, Bit Bang I/O, SPI

      • ROHS :YES 







      Technical Details

      Dimensions140mm x 85mm x 11mm
      WeightG.W 7g    

      Part List

      UartSBee V51


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        UartSBee V5

        SKU 103100001
        14 Available
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