Wio LTE JP Version v1.3- 4G, Cat.1, Espruino Compatible

Wio LTE JP Version v1.3- 4G, Cat.1, Espruino Compatible

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While most of smart phones are using LTE network now, how about giving LTE capability to your IoT project with the latest released Wio LTE board. The Wio LTE is an Arduino and Grove compatible development board with also the ability of accessing LTE network. The LTE network provides a wide bandwidth which allows much faster interaction between user and device. The Arduino and Grove compatibility allows for quicker development through numerous libraries and a supportive community. In addition to C/C++, the Wio LTE also support programming in Espruino, a simplified JavaScript language that lower the entrance difficulty in play with the board.

We have some improvements of v1.3, but all functions is still compatible with old version.


Optimized circuit:

1. Using new PMIC MP2617

2. Improve the charging circuit of LTE module


Battery LED indicator:

1. If charging, LED on.

2. If charging complete, LED off.

3. If blinking, BAT Error which means battery error or unplug the battery.



  • When the signal is not good, there will be noise while calling.

  • We have developed 4 different versions of Wio LTE for different regions. This is the Wio LTE JP version, except this version, the others also support GNSS, below table shows the difference between each version. For more detail information, please refer to the manual.


Technical Details

Dimensions0mm x 0mm x 0mm
WeightG.W 70g    

Part List

Wio LTE JP Version v1.31
USB Cable1




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    Wio LTE JP Version v1.3- 4G, Cat.1, Espruino Compatible

    SKU 102991024
    36 Available
    $92.90/ 1pcs+
    $85.56/ 10pcs+
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