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Wireless Smart Agriculture Kit – Outdoor-US915

Wireless Smart Agriculture Kit for remote monitoring of weather conditions and soil parameters with LoRaWAN Sensors.





    • Support LoRaWAN protocol Class A
    • High reliability and stability
    • Ultra-wide-distance transmission: 10km in line of sight , 2 km in urban scenes
    • Battery life ≥ 6 years
    • All parts are certified IP66 and suitable for outdoor applications
    • Rapid installation and deployment
    • Flexible cloud services with Open API for further development

    Easy deployment

    The SenseCAP Kit provides a wireless solution for Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture using LoRaWAN technology. This integrated solution can precisely monitor local weather conditions and give updates on soil Moisture and temperature to maximize yields for outdoor farming applications. The kit contains a gateway which collects data from the sensors and uploads it to the cloud for further analysing. The sensors included can measure:

    • Air temperature and humidity
    • Barometric pressure
    • Light intensity
    • Soil moisture and temperature

    Because they are wireless they can conveniently be deployed at a suitable spot to measure the paramter. The Kit can also easily be expanded with new sensors either from SenseCAP or a third party.

    The Gateway uses the LoRaWAN technology to connect to the wireless sensor probes and collect remote environmental data. It has to be connected to ad DC power source and with the LoRaWAN technology it can receive data from sensors that are up to 10km away. After collecting the data from the sensors the gateway can upload the data to the cloud either via 4G or ethernet cable.


    To access and analyse your data you can use your own private server or use the SenseCAP server which makes viewing your weather information even easier.

    Thee SenseCAP Sensors consists of the sensor probes and the node. The sensor nodes contain a data logger that locally collects and saves environmental parameters. After a certain time, defined by the user, the Sensor Node transmits all the data it has collected to the gateway via the LoRaWAN protocoll.

    The Sensor Node also contains a battery pack for power which depending on the circumstances can have a battery life for up to 8 years.


    The main application for this kit is outdoor smart farming but it can be used for other environmental monitoring applications like maintaining the grass on a golf course or monitor environmental conditions in National Parks.




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