Wireless bluetooth online TFT Color Type-C & USB Tester


Wireless bluetooth online :Android APP 5.5 & PC software support PC window 7 above

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Do you want to know the current and voltage in details while you are changing the electronic device? The wireless blue tooth online TFT Color Type-C & USB Tester will fulfill your wish.

This USB tester has 5 interface, type-C(I/O), USB(I/O) and a Micro USB interface. It can be used to monitor the basic values such as current, voltage, load impedance and those values are displayed on the center screen. If you need remote monitoring, you can use the blue tooth module to track your charging device. An APP will be provided to you for realizing online communication with cellphone or computer. The APP can support android 5.0 or above and PC WIN 7 or above.




Voltage measuing range: 4.80V~24.00V

Current measuing range: 0.000A~3.000A

Power cumulative range: 0~99999WH

Temperature: -10°C~100°C/0°F~200°F

D+ voltage: 0.000V~2.99V

D- voltage: 0.000V~2.99V

Load inpedance: 0~999Ω

Power metering range: 0~72W

Timing maximum time: 99H 59M 59S

Screen brightness setting: 0~5 level

Auto screen off time: 1~9 mins

Display screen: 1.44 Inch color LCD display

Quick charge recognition mode: QC2.0 QC3.0

Refresh rate: 2Hz

Time to refresh: >500ms/time>500ms/times

Measurement rate: 0.5times/s

Working temperature: -10°C~100°C/0°F~200°F

Working humidity: 10~80(no doubt)

The pressure of work: 80~106kpa

Cumulative compacity range: 0~99999mah

Net weight: 30g

Package weight: 38g


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