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      XBee Wi-Fi Module 2400MHz 72000Kbps 20-Pin - XB2B-WFPT-001

      XBee Wi-Fi Module 2400MHz 72000Kbps 20-Pin - XB2B-WFPT-001

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      XBee Wi-Fi embedded RF modules provide simple serial to IEEE 802.11 connectivity. By bridging the low-power/low-cost requirements of wireless device networking with the proven infrastructure of 802.11, the XBee Wi-Fi creates new wireless opportunities for energy management, process and factory automation, wireless energy management, process and factory automation, wireless easy provisioning methods and native Device Cloud by Etherios™ connectivity.

      XBee Wi-Fi modules give developers the fastest IP-to-device and device-to-cloud capability possible. Focused on the rigorous requirements of these wireless device networks, the module gives developers IP-to-device and device-to-cloud capability.

      XBee modules offer developers tremendous flexibility and are available in surface mount and through-hole form factors. The XBee Wi-Fi shares a common footprint with other XBee modules. This allows different XBee technologies to be drop-in replacements for each other.

      As a member of the XBee family, the XBee Wi-Fi combines hardware with software for a complete modular solution. XBee Wi-Fi modules are designed to communicate with access points in existing 802.11 infrastructures. Developers can use AT and API commands for advanced configuration options.


      •     • Native Device Cloud integration for data acquisition and device management

      •     • Hardware and software complete module easily joins existing 802.11 b/g/n (Wi-Fi) infrastructures

      •     • Common XBee footprint allows OEMs to support a variety of wireless protocols

      •     • Flexible SPI and UART serial interfaces

      •     • Available in Surface Mount and Through-Hole form factors

      •     • Support for low-power sleeping applications with<6 μA power-down current

      •     • Over-the-air data rates up to 72 Mbps

      •     • Simple provisioning methods including Soft AP and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)


      •     • Serial Data Interface: UART up to 1 Mbps, SPI up to 6 Mbps

      •     • Configuration Method: API or AT commands

      •     • Frequency Band: ISM 2.4 GHz

      •     • ADC Inputs: 4 (12-bit)

      •     • Digital I/O: 10

      •     • Form Factor: Through-Hole, Surface Mount

      •     • Antenna Options: PCB (Embedded), U.FL, RPSMA, Integrated Wire

      •     • Operating Temperature: -30º C to +85º C

      •     • Dimensions (L x W): 0.960 in x 1.297 in (2.438 cm x 3.294 cm)

      •     • Security: WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK and WEP

      •     • Channels: 13 channels

      •     • Standard 802.11b/g/n

      •     • Data Rates 1 Mbps to 72 Mbps

      •     • Modulationc: CCK, DSSS

      •     • Transmit Power: Up to +16 dBm

      •     • Receiver Sensitivity: -93 to -71 dBm

      •     • Supply Voltage: 3.14 - 3.46 VDC

      •     • Transmit Current: Up to 309 mA

      •     • Receive Current: 100 mA

      •     • Power-Down Current:<6 µA @ 25º C

      Technical Details

      Dimensions50mm x 70mm x 7.7mm
      WeightG.W 5g    

      Part List

      XBee Wi-Fi Module 2400MHz 72000Kbps 20-Pin - XB2B-WFPT-0011


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        XBee Wi-Fi Module 2400MHz 72000Kbps 20-Pin - XB2B-WFPT-001

        SKU 113990073
        6 Available
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