DSO nano Shipping delay explanation

You may be frustrated why you are waiting much longer than you should for
the DSO Nano order. I am sorry that I should give you an explanation
During the testing, we found some DSO Nano had the unstable waveforms. Our
taskforce figured out the root cause as defective SP3232 IC. After replacing
it, the faulty DSO Nano works great. We swapped our supplier for the latest
batch of SP3232 because of shortage. Unfortunately, it brought us unexpected
troubles. It is a good lesson for us on supply chain management.
It is not a easy job to seek out and manually replace all faulty DSO Nanos.
This delays our schedule but we have to deliver a qualified product.
Now we are back to track with DSO Nano shipping, they will be delivered by
order queue. Your order may not be processed within 3 working days as usual.
We do apologize for the delay. We will do our best to accelerate and make
efforts to avoid situations like this. Hope you still enjoy DSO nano.

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10 thoughts on “DSO nano Shipping delay explanation

  1. I just got my DSO Nano a few weeks ago (for my birthday) and I finally got around to actually using it.

    I have to say I’m very impressed with it in many ways, although there were are few things I didn’t like. The first part everyone always notices is how bright and vivid the screen is. Truly impressive. The device feels very solid overall, the buttons are a little weak but I don’t mind. One thing I didn’t like was having to use the yellow tape to put the metal back on. I thought that was not very professional – the back should snap into place. The included probes are also a little fragile, but people have reported that you can make your own with an adapter so not a big deal. There are also very many review videos on Youtube of the DSO. I even recorded my own short one.

    The initial software that the DSO came with was alright but a little glitchy. I had 2.01 when I turned it on. I thought the interface was not very friendly and some kind folk on the forum pointed me to the Paul firmware which improved things. That is the power of open source (one of the reasons I got the DSO). I wouldn’t recommend the DSO for serious analyzing because its save feature can only take a single snapshot (not good for logic analyzing), however. This might change in the future. The reason I bought it though was to do debugging on simple mostly-digital circuits I build – and for those cases this is just the device!

    The cheap price point compared to other oscilloscopes along with the fairly active forums are really a nice touch. Most other digital oscilloscopes are either too expensive or not portable enough. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase.

    Oh, and in case you haven’t seen, there is a Google Code project (http://dsonano.googlecode.com) with some additional documentation. I hope to see more documentation for unique uses and customizations in the future.

    – Brian N.

  2. Hi there, all the DSO Nanos you get from our distributors are under serious test before shipped out. So, don’t worry about it. Otherwise, we gurantee to replace defective ones and afford all the extra cost occured if you really get one with the defect.

  3. Hi Jonathan , the unstable waveforms is means that : because the SP3232 will not supply the stable ±5V for the OP , the waveforms will not display as normal , most of them has not any display on the screen .

  4. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “some DSO Nano had the unstable waveforms”? Under what circumstances do the problems manifest, and how can someone check whether they have a defective unit? This information would be very useful to people like myself who have ordered a DSO Nano from a third party distributor who may not have checked for the defect.

  5. Hi Twinkel, Thanks for your understanding. We are almost done with the replacing and will arrange all the shipments within this week.

  6. Ok, thanks for clearing up the matter, now in the shop it’s being put in back order (as you said could take more than 3 days). I don’t have a problem if it takes e.g. a week, but now it’s totally open, could even take weeks. Could you give an indication of delivery lead time?

  7. I’m curious if any of the defective ones got shipped before the problem was detected?

    Mine was shipped 4/29 which I believe was from the latest batch of backorders. Could mine be affected?

    What’s the best/easiest (noob here) way to check for the problem?


  8. Does this affect any previously shipped DSO Nanos or is it just the current batch?

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