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Seeedstudio wish is coming on, and has some uttle feats during this week. Congratulations, and appreciates for your attention and contribution! So many perfect ideas have been put forward on the page which arousing our feelings! Believe us! We will try more to make the wish better!

Now I am going to show you the performance during this week:

  1. Seeeduino/Arduino with Lithium battery integrated (and usb charger)

Have you ever seen this incredible picture? Eried is trying to share his idea to integrate usb charger and Lithium battery smoothly with Seeeduino or Arduino. Using a lifelike image to show how to integrate will make the electronic component in power.

2. Papilio Arcade kit

A new idea which aims to be a low cost hardware kit that can consolidate the entire available projects onto a common hardware platform is blocking out its veiling. The Papilio Arcade kit is meant to accurately recreate classic arcade games on a low-cost, modular, and Open Source FPGA board called the Papilio One. Its benefit is low cost, Open Source, readily available, and expandable with the Wings concept. What a good idea! More details are offered on the Seeedstudio Wish.

3. What a robot need but not have now?

What a robot need but not have now? Yes, do you ever think about this question? Here is a suggestion from letgo that to have distance, color, compass, infrared sensors in brick type would save us doing a robot a lot of time. So can you have any other solutions? Please share with all the enthusiasts through wish.

4. Datalogger microSD excel

This project is with a LPC1114, and basically, capture de inputs ADC and store in a microSD in excel file. It can configure the interval of sample; see the values of the adc in real time with uart port in low power.

5. TinyQED I2C Quadrature Decoder

Quadrature encoder outputs two square waves 90 degrees apart. But acquiring the encoded signals can be a challenge. Here is a simple ATTiny45 widget that counts the signals from the encoders and makes them available via I2C.

6. 2-Lead ECG Analog Frontend

The ECG2_AM1 is a fully functional implementation of a 2-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) analog frontend. The module has been designed to offer the user a low noise, low offset, and low power solution in a small package that is compatible with 0.1” pitch breadboards for easy prototyping.

That’s all for this week, wish is still young now, it need your attention, and we will also try much harder.

Please feel free to vote, comment, or publish your ideas! Participation will be converted to credits on Seeed Depot in the way below:

  • Voter will get 2 (10 during beta test) credits from every valid vote, project creator will receive 2 credits for every positive vote (10 during beta test). Credit could be converted to coupons to purchase SEEED service and products. The conversion rate is 10 credits for 1 USD coupon. Conversion could be made per 100 credits.
  • Also, every comment to projects will win 1 credit for the commenter.
  • Project creator will get 50 credits if the project passes inspection.
  • Note: Negative vote only affects the popularity of the project, but not on any user or creators’ credit record.
  • Before inspection, project can only accept vote but not comment.
  • One vote for each project.

Also, visit our wish for hot discussions carried on.

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