Back from NYC~!

It was a long week for me and Icing, busy with open hardware summit 2010, maker faire, meeting people and enjoy the long trip forth and back… Only now got sometime to settle down for a wrap-up!

The summit is like a re-union of open hardware people! Exciting to put the familiar names to friendly faces. The speeches were thoughtful rooting from practices. It was honored to be able to speak as a panelist among the veteran open hardwarists and proposal ideas of a wiki for parts. Great to find adafruit had it running for a while already. Another link worthy looking is, we having been sourcing with it for a while during sourcing and was surprised to find they are on the summit too! They are a collective portal to digikey, mouser, newark and many extra. May be we can ask them to leave an interface for customer contents? 🙂 Check the notes and photos here: Thanks (again after many) to the great organization of Ayah and Alicia!

It’s first time maker faire coming to NYC, and first time we visited in atoms. It’s a great event that holding so many dazzling works and happy-making faces! It’s only 1/5 size of bay area one… Well, we got to have a booth in Maker faire 2011!;) You may find some of our bandwrist while visiting htink’s tent, remember to repurpose it for a Seeeduino film case. Check photos here if you haven’t.

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