DSO Nano Giveaway

It has been just a couple of weeks since we opened, and, while things could be growing faster, we are doing well. The first week we gave away $100 to sparkfun via twitter, the second week we gave away 5x development boards from ProtoStack to users who would help build documentation around them. So now, in the third week, we need something else, right? Well, we do have something else.
Ever find yourself in a situation where you need to know what the output of your microcontroller is? Or maybe you just wish you could see what your sensor is doing? Well, for this, you need an oscilloscope. Most of these are pretty bulky, and if you are like me, you don’t have much desk space. So, for people like me, I announce this week’s something else.
This week’s something else is actually 2 of something. Seeed Studio has sent us 2 of their awesome DSO nano – Pocket size digital storage oscilloscopes to give away. I have to say, these things are so much thinner than I thought they would be, and they are just insanely cool at that. But how do we give these away?… they are too cool for just a normal giveaway. Or, if we do a normal giveaway for one, we need to do something crazy for the other. Should we just give them away at random, or reward a great article in our wiki? Do we send one to someone to write a review? Reward the coolest project? You tell us.
So now it is up to you to let us know how we should determine how to give these away. Tell us what you would do for a DSO Nano (or how we should give them away) via twitter ( @bildr ) or email ( [email protected] ), and you may end up with one of these on your doorstep.


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