The best of the best! GROVE logo confirmed

I can’t believe that we received so much wonderful designs from our lovely customers, and it’s hard to make the decision: Who is our winner? Only one design will become the Logo of GROVE system, but definitely there’s more than one design caught our eyes.

After 2 days head scratching, we finally found the answer. Above Logo is designed by Sandro Benigno, and this design will be the Logo of GROVE System! Thank you Sandro!

Besides this, there’s many other designs which is pretty impressive, let’s check them out (Click for full size):

Designed by Martijn Kors

Designed by Sandro Benigno

Designed by Justin Taylor

Designed by Pansty

Desigend by Félix

Designed by Michael LeBlanc

Designed by Chad Johnson

Thanks again to all the people who participated in this contest! The winner will get one free GROVE Starter bundle and we will add him to our VIP list. Other participators will also receive a coupon from Seeed Studio soon!

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7 thoughts on “The best of the best! GROVE logo confirmed

  1. I was wondering what the discount coupon is going to be as I’m on the point of buying some parts for a school project in the upcoming weeks (as students love coupons :D).

  2. Sweet 😀 I can’t agree more on the choice made, I really like the winning logo as it kinda “breathes” playfulness… Something that really fits the whole Grove concept! Props!

  3. Ya, that’s from the same designer of the first one. I also like the 2nd one but the first one is better on explaining the GROVE.

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