[Shanghai] Facilitate Open Innovation: The Seeed Studio Approach

Xindanwei, which literally means “New Work Unit,” is a co-working community which promotes and facilitates creativity, sharing, and the great scale of collaboration.

Xindanwei space is located in the heart of the French Concession area. It is an amazingly decorated 6-storey lane house from the 1930’s, with antique art deco furniture, rustic wooden floors, ceiling beams & a roof terrace. It provides professional services such as an open office, private conference rooms, a high-speed and secure wifi connection, vpn, printing, copying and scanning.

Xindanwei combines the best elements of a workspace (productive, functional) with a social media platform (hybrid, real-time, efficient) and a creative hub (social, energetic, creative). This gives people their own workspace in a community, while also providing opportunities to share knowledge face-to-face and get inspired through collaboration with other members. A Xindanwei membership is evaluated and adjusted based on the value of each member’s contributions and interactions in the community.

Most of Seeed customers from China live in Shanghai. We could also view Xinchejian as the first Arduino related public hackspace in mainland China. It’s a great opportunity for me to visit guys there and have some talk! Join us if you have time on Sunday afternoon!

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December 2010
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