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From now on, there will be a new product post in every Mondays where we can talk about the new products we launched for the week.

First, we have a new version of USB Infrared Toy. This new version is also designed by Dangerous Prototypes and new features include 100mA constant current IR transmitter with improved range, infrared frequency measurement and pin breakout area.

We have a new component of our sensor category. Piezoelectric Pulse Sensor is a durable sensor with signal filtering, conditioning and temperature compensation circuit. It is a useful tool to monitor pulse wave and can be used in the analysis system.

We also have another useful sensor for this week. Heart Sound Sensor integrated micro-sound components which is made from new polymer materials, can output low-impedance audio signal. It can be widely applied to various types of signal acquisition systems.

Can’t wait to the commercial models? Now, you can build a radiation counter on your own with our new J408γ GM tube. This tube is mainly used for gamma rays detection and with the high precision and steady counting frequence.


We also got the upgraded Fusion PCB Service with friendly interface and cheaper prices starting at only $9.90. This is an overture of our upcoming Propagate project. The idea is that to facilitate makers actualizing their own designs and projects.


Here we got a new “smart LED” – BlinkM. BlinkM uses a high quality, high power RGB LED and can be controlled over a simple I2C interface. It is a networkable and programmable full-color RGB LED for hobbyists, industrial designers, prototypes, and experimenters.


Well, there is the post for this week. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon with more products and services. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions, feedbacks or suggestions.

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  3. Thanks for highlighting the IR Toy V2. If anyone has any question please ping us in the forum.

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  4. It’d be easier to see this post if your blog was configured to send full updates via RSS, not just the snippet. :-/

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