Google Releases The Android Open Accessory Toolkit For Adding Devices To Tablets And Phones

Couple weeks ago, Google uncovered its internal hackerspace which Google employees can use it for fun. At that time, I thought “Ooops, the Internet giant might notice us”.


Yesterday, the giant officially announced a new project called the Android Open Accessory toolkit at the Google I/O Developers Conference. With this toolkit, designers are able to use open source hardware interfaces like Arduino to connect multiple input devices to almost any Android system. This time, I think “Wow, we actually can do many things around it”.



It’s still hard to say how Google’s project would shape the whole community, but it obviously shows us a new way to interact with Arduino or other similar boards. “Open hardware + open software + smart devices” sounds nice!


It suppose to be many companies that have already been working on this project, so do we!!! Stay close and see what we would come up with:)

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3 thoughts on “Google Releases The Android Open Accessory Toolkit For Adding Devices To Tablets And Phones

  1. The hardware google gave away to google io attenddees, if I understand correctly, was an arduino compatible and a separate required shield to handle the USB interface to the android device. It strikes me that USnoobie and teensy are better positioned to connect to android devices, since they have built-in USB functionality missing from most arduinos.

  2. Is the hardware specification for the open accessory kit also open? Is this something seedstudio could make, perhaps at a lower price point that the $400 I see reported?

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