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Hello everyone. It’s time for new products! But this week I want to insert two news here at the beginning.


First, we’ll do a quick review about the status of toy hacking contest. As the schedule, the application process has been closed at 12th August. Thank you so much for all of your attention. We’ve received many of applications, and some of them are really cool. Currently, the selection process is almost done. We would post the list of competitors when everything is settled down.


Another news I want to cover is that you can find a “Feedback” button on the right-hand side of our main page. We put it there couple weeks ago in order to collect feedbacks about our website, products, and services in general. You can feel free to rate the following five aspects and leave a comment. We always want to communicate with you as often as we can, and then provide better products and services. This tiny button is another way we figured out that may help, so let the feedbacks flood in.



All right, let’s do the product news. We’ve got a new stuff this week.


Wireless Sensor Node – Solar Kit is an easy-to-use solution pack that provides a set of components to build a wireless sensor node. The stem – XBee carrier provides LDO power supply, charger for Li-Po Battery and programming port for XBee compatible modules. The solar panel provides the required charging voltage in remote areas. The 500 mAh Li-Po Battery provides the backup when the Sun is away. A properly designed and configured wireless module could provide very long hours of usage. For this, put the node to sleep when not transmitting the sensor value. This kit comes with a perfectly made transparent box, sets of screws and plastic rivets.


Also, you can now buy the Hijack separately instead of purchasing the whole development pack. It leaves the choice to you, and you can make your iPhone communicates with the real world even cheaper this time

Hijack programmer

Hijack main board


Yes, you may find that the Protoboard is missing. As the manufacturing schedule, the Protoboard will be ready and available for sale at 19th August. At that time, the Hijack development pack also will be in stock again. Stay tuned!

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