Makeblock Simplifies Your Robot Dream

Have you ever been dreaming about building something by yourselves? What is popping into your mind right now? Exactly, a robot! In movie The Karate Kid, little Jaden Smith was scolded by his mother for not picking up his coat many times. What crossed my mind at that time was——it would be great if there is a robot to pick up things for us. Well, you might say this is not difficult for scientists. My point here is: It’s not complex for you either. Are you kidding? How can making a robot be so simple? Just be patient. :D.

First of all, I would like to show you some amazing things created by non-scientists here in our Makeblock workshop in Chaihuo Mackerspace last Sunday.

Notice the smiles? Yeah, during this four-hour activity, our makers were so dedicated and focused, enjoying this process of assembling and developing. They wouldn’t stop trying until getting what they expected.

Seeing the big backpack below, you might be wondering: will the brackets be broken under the weight? Rest assured 🙂 It won’t bend or break even if you are standing on it. Isn’t it amazing?! If you are a skating boy, maybe you can try to build a skating board with a remote control, which would be awesome.

See this beautiful wheel? It’s not just an ordinary wheel, with the creative thinking of our makers; it turned out to be not only big but also beautifully sparkling and rotating. If you like, you can turn it into a fancy fan or something else as you like.

Did you enjoy the experience of turning thoughts into actions, and turning dreams into realities? Are you eager to have a try, to touch these wonderful components and make something by yourselves? If you have been thinking about building something handy and useful such as a robotic arm, if you have been pondering over a birthday gift for your kids; Makeblock will be a perfect choice for you. No matter what you want to build, a beautiful and unique toy, an exclusive tool, or a DIY robot, you name it; your dreams will come true with following things:

1、  Mechanical components from Makeblock, which includes Aluminum rods, timing belt pulleys, belts, tires, mounting brackets for motors, motors, transmission components, joining plates, link rods and so on. These materials help you morph whatever is in your mind into solid stuff. And Makeblock has its unique features, which make it easiest to connect parts together, strongest to carry out the order, most compatible with other materials, hardware and software. For more information about Makeblock, welcome to visit the website

2、  Electronic components from Seeedstudio, like the Seeeduino as the brain, Motor Shield to control the motors, Ultrasonic Sensor as your eyes, Bluetooth Module to communicate with your Smartphone and other Grove Elements like LEDs, buttons, buzzers and plenty other sensors to build whatever you need to make your robot sing a song, shine, move around, carry beer for you, and pick up a pen or so.

3、  Software, which can be downloaded for each single element at our website and later also as a full application at or at .

Still don’t know how to make the first move? Have no idea what to begin with? Know nothing about electronic components or coding? Just rest your pretty little mind, Makeblock will come out with some starter kits for you soon. The starter kits will tell you how to make things step by step. Stay tuned! 😀

We would really appreciate it if you can post your ideas, opinions and suggestions here. Last but not the least; you are warmly welcomed to present your own creative work here!

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  1. Hey this looks really smart, count me in on purchasing some kits (assuming reasonable pricing of course). I could build so many things with these , great for motion model prototyping/testing and teaching etc..

    When will they be available, I need to do a seeedstudio order..


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