Happy 5th Anniversary

Happy 5th Anniversary

Happy Birthday, Seeed! We’ll have a 2-day celebration of Seeed’s 5th anniversary on August 29 & 30. Our online shop will be open 24/7, as usual. However, since we won’t be in office, the orders and emails won’t be handled promptly. Sincere apology for all the inconveniences. All the orders will be processed on September 1 when we come back to work. Happy Anniversary to all of you as well. Thank you for witnessing Seeed’s growth in these 5 years.

In the past 5 years, Seeed has grown from a 2-member team into a big family with 125 members. Thank you so much for the great support, dear customers, partners, cooperated designers, distributors and many others in the open hardware community. Without you, Seeed won’t be able to go far.

In the past few months of 2013, Seeed has taken quite an active part in pushing forward open hardware and maker culture. In April, we co-organized and sponsored the 2nd Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire. In May, we attended Maker Faire Bay Area. In June, we attended Maker Conference in Tokyo. In July, we attended Sketching in Hardware in California. In August, we sponsored the 1st hardware hackathon in China; and attended Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire.

In these few months, we also assisted some universities (such as Shenzhen University) found their own hackerspace; supported crossover cooperation (such as Haptic Interface). We also helped a lot of makers turn ideas into products, just to name a few: Bareduino Nano, the world’s smallest Arduino compatible board; OpenSprinkler, the web-based irrigation controller/timer that allows you to take care of your garden at all times no matter where you are.

Since founded in 2008, Seeed has defined itself as Open Hardware Facilitator. On the one hand, we provide open hardware modules to makers, making the emerging technology more accessible, and making it easier to make rapid prototyping. On the other hand, we provide a series of services, helping innovators put prototypes into products in an agile, efficient and cost-effective way.  Speaking of services, Seeed provides services such as Fusion PCB, PCBA, Laser-cutting and Open Parts Library, etc.

Thanks you so much for the openness, creativity and huge energy in the open hardware community. Thanks a lot for your complaints, suggestions, and all other sorts of supports, which are priceless fortune to us. Thank you so much for making us better.  Hand in hand with you, we’ll continue serving our role as the Open Hardware Facilitator; continue bridging the gap between your ideas and the reality.

Happy Anniversary!

Enjoy making!

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