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Hi, this is sonic, the boy who is always dreaming.

Thanks everyone for joining seeed community since 2008, we couldn’t reach today’s achievement without our maker community.

Here comes the first comment on our blog is on the post: An idea about open source PCBs.

first comment ever

The Seeed Blog is proudly powered by WordPress, we share the same idea with wordpress to make thing done better and faster. Grove is the universal 4-pin interface, we want to make you start your project in 5 minutes, so this is the beginning.

This is beta version blog style, we like to hear your suggestion.

Some Changes are made due to lots of reasons:

  • A better navigation
  • read experience
  • spammer & attacking

We hope you understand us and we won’t change our sites often.

Change log



We choose the Theme: Publish by Konstantin Kovshenin (and thx). This is extremely clean and elegant, to help you read codes better, we switch the width to 1000px, and content takes about 70% of the page.


blog 2.0 code

We use SyntaxHighlighter to highlight our codes


blog 2.0 spam

  • thread comments are enable
  • spam-check: Some Chinese Please, thanks for your patience! We can even setup a Chinese lesson for you if necessary.
  • website no longer needed
  • link more than 2 times in a comment will be check by admin
  • comment will be closed after 1 month for each post

blog 2.0 notice

sample here

blog 2.0 chinese


We introduce our tumblr page on last year. Now it is renamed to makermonthly. The position of this light weight blog is to encourgage and reblog large information, hope you like it. (Don’t forget our offical blog here).

Friendly share button

blog 2.0 share

A friendly share button. please help us share good content (If you like).

Topic projects

blog 2.0 topic

How do make almost anything?

A topic concentrate on hacking for you to get started!



The Background of Blog is the bazaar of Seeed on last SZIDF(China International Industrial Design Fair), NOT(Intel Developer Forum).

All reusable materials, they are all at Seeed headquarter right now.

blog 2.0 bg

Todo list

blog 2.0 header

blog 1.0 header

A header for Blog is missing, which one do you prefer?

We hear you.

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