Pre order – Seeed Unplugged Wearable MCU

This changes everything. 5Hz unplugged Wearable MCU for pre order now!

The Seeed Unplugged development platform is the world’s first MCU which is unplugged. Doesn’t it use any power? No, you have to use it with your brain with super low power consumption.

Hello, hello, hello, how low?

The average consumption of brain take 20% calories of the whole body. The normal consumption of calories is about 2000kcal, so let’s calculate:

  • 2000kcal X 0.2 = 400 kcal = 1,673,600 J
  • 1W = 1 J/s
  • 1 d = 86400s

Do it yourself, and the answer is 19.37w. Let’s say it 20w.


  • Support up to industry-standard I/O interfaces via standard human 10-pin connector. (if you can use it skilled with your foot, it’s premium human 20-pin)
  • All Ages Support, don’t worry about radiation
  • Open source and manufacture friendly
  • Auto hibernation


  • Low consumption at 20W
  • 5Hz depending on how fast your fingers are
  • 4.3cm * 2.1cm * 0.6cm
  • Au-Plating Process

The best accessory for iphone 5s gold, now or never.

If you want it, please leave a comment and we’ll know.

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2 thoughts on “Pre order – Seeed Unplugged Wearable MCU

  1. 你好, I definitely want one! Was this only available as a preorder for April 1st (aka April Fools Day) or is it still going on? 😀

    1. 谢谢 It’s a joke indeed, a 5HZ MCU? Abacus is kind of old stuff, but classic as 68k Mac. We love fun stuff like Dso nano stand, thank god somebody like it, we will sell it soon. Do you need a remind when product arrive?

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