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Staff Pick: RPLIDAR: Low Cost 5hz 360 deg LIDAR


LIDAR is one of the ideal sensors to perform robot indoor localization (such as theSLAM algorithm). Also, LIDAR can be used to implement 3D scene scan and modeling. But currently the existing product is very expensive (>$2000 USD). The high cost of the current products prevents LIDAR from bing applied in the daily home usage and it is hard for a robotic hobbyist to afford one.


RPLIDAR is built by low cost design, much lower than the existing products. The ranger system is based on triangulation, providing precise measurement (please refer to the following spec details). Thanks to the high speed vision system designed by RoboPeakRPLIDAR only takes 0.4 millisecond to perform a single measure. The high speed sampling rate enables RPLIDAR to have a 5.5hz scan rate with 360 sample points in each cycle. The performance should be good enough for indoor robotic SLAM.





Grove – Recorder


Doraemon is a famous cartoon I used to love when I was a kid. I always remember a tool called Gramophone(てんとう虫コミックス・短編第1巻第6話『古道具きょう争』(67頁)), which can record and replay the sound.

Grove Recorder

Now, we make it a reality with Grove – Recorder, which can easily play and record with one-click method. It can offer true single-chip voice recording, no-volatile storage. Grove – Recorder can record 10s each time. This module is very easy to control, either by push button on board directly or by micro controller remotely.

Matrix Clock

Matrix Clock_03

Matrix Clock is born for 8bit lovers. It’s a highly compact LED matrix display Based on the Arduino Leonardo.


It features:

  • Rich firmware library: allow for animated transitions, customize it into your personal clock with Arduino IDE.
  • Musical alarms: it can be easily reprogrammed with different tunes.

Galileo Case

Galileo Case

Finally, an enclose for Galileo.

The Case is used to wrap the Galileo PCB, It’s constructed from military grade aluminum and hardwearing acrylic, providing the ultimate protection from physical and corrosion! We use blue acrylic, which looks very neat and beautiful.

This Case belongs to Skeleton Box System, Which features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid and stable material
  • neat and beautiful

Find all cases for Arduino series, RPi in Aluminum/Acrylic/Plastic/Wood/EVA.

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