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As a highlight youth activity of the 5th China-US Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE) program, China Ministry of Education is organizing a China-US Youth Maker Competition from May-July 2014. The Competition was formally launched on May 6th in Beijing, it consists of Division Competition (May-June), final competition and award ceremony (early July’14). The Division Competition will be held in 6 cities/places – Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, New York and Silicon Valley.

The Competition will be a highlight of the series of Youth activities as part of CPE, with the theme ‘Youth and Innovation’. We proposed to use Intel Galileo toolkit as hardware platform for the competition. The Beijing Division Competition will be done in the form of 54-hour hackathon, with the theme “Innovation Changes People’s Lives”.B@IK)C6E9QV6TO9YEZ9VOCB

Format :

  • 20 – 25 teams selected to finals, each team is required to have a US youth
  • Hackathon (48-54hours)
  • Each team should combination of China Citizenship and US citizenship

The detailed schedule for Beijing division is as below (subject to further updates):

  • May 24-25  Hackathon & Selection of teams; announcement of the “National College Maker Alliance”
  • June 14-15  Maker and Education Forum  
  • July 3-9     Final competition and Award Ceremony

More Information:

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2 thoughts on “China – US Youth Maker Competition

  1. Each team should combination of China Citizenship and western face US citizenship

    What the hell does “western face US citizenship” mean?


    1. Sorry, We copy the terms from the host. Already correct it in case it was misunderstood again.
      Thx for your suggestion.

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