New Look on Seeed Bazaar (alpha)

Do you remember the last time we updated our online shop? Yes, it’s the same month last year.

Thanks for your support during this year and all the years past. In order to help you get the newest open hardware developing tools, latest news and tutorials, we redesigned our site. Now please let me introduce the alpha version of it.

Not only our site goes “FLAT”, it’s also designed to fit our business model.

New Column Collection

new_look_column is dedicated to helping you grow inspirations to differentiating things. We collect ideas(wish), providing products and services. Imagine Li Lei, a maker who wants to make a nice open source smart watch for his girlfriend – Han Momi.


1. Wish: make a wish here, find your sidekick with the same idea and the potential customers of your project.


Li Lei made a wish, finding jim green is also interested in this project, because jim green need the same product for his girlfriend – kate green.

2. Bazaar: online shopping to find the essential components to build a working prototype. Li Lei needs the following parts to make a watch, he made a list here

  • UI: OLED is a good choice, considering the size of watch, I will choose Xadow OLED
  • Processor: Arduino is simple and good enough to make a sample!
  • Sensor: Heart rate sensor? Will Han Momi feel stressed dating with me?
  • Actuator: A buzzer is needed, I shall remind her to go around after long time working.
  • Power: to get it work, Lipo battery and coin are both accepted.

3. Recipe(Beta): open source solution to learn and fork

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

— Isaac Newton

lilei recipe

Li Lei still needs the following parts to finish his project:

  • Skeleton: I shall find a designer or a existing model, together with my 3D printer, it will reduce the time for the first version
  • Software: Is there anyone made one before? Fork the software with my specific hardware platform

Recipe is a place for you to find the solution for your project.  You can fork the hardware projects and contribute by adding better design.

4. Fusion: one-stop prototyping service


It works! Han Momi loves it!

The question is some other friends also want it~ OK, I will leave it to Seeed Studio Fusion Prototype Service.

5. Propagate: maker friendly manufacture and business


Finally, not only does Li Lei finish the open source watch project for Momi, he also become an entrepreneur. Now everyone got a watch! Good job Li Lei, Такого как Путин!

New Navigation List

new look list

First of all, search is the best way. The searching box will appear on the bazaar as always. A lot of work should be done with the searching box, such as pop up with the result list and one click forwarding, you can enjoy the features with the next version coming out. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, welcome to give us your suggestions & feedback.

We keep the product line category to help you go through this version, this feature could be deleted in the next version.

Tags are introduced from the dashboard to front page. Tag aggregation helps you know the featured products and related products.

New Category List

new look navi

Category lists are not fix but float. And a new category list is made with seeed technology tree, which will go live soon with the next version.

The hidden list helps you with a better view of product details. All you need is love.

There are still lots of featured to update, we’d love to hear your advice here~

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