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There is a huge gap between demand-driven maker business and supply-driven consumer electronics industry, but a successful bond could unleash the great potentiality of both. Let’s review the pain on both sides and propose routes to bridge the gap.

How Shanzhai industry has evolved greatly and served developing countries/regions, but suffered from excess manufacturing power.

How Maker Business leads the trend and occupiesg niche markets, but is blamed for delay and compromises.

Eric joined MakerCon, here’s the solution for makers:

[slideshare id=34578422&doc=supplychainfriendlymaker-140512123825-phpapp02]

There is a great similarity between turnkey platform and open hardware. Evolving from prototypes to productions should not be so hard with several efforts properly done: shared parts selection, mechanic design from template, community based DFX, and adequate communication/respect etc.

Nana Chou, Shuyang & Kevin Lau are also at Solidcon along with Eric, see U there!