Lots of PCBs will be defected during the manufacture/QA process. Defects were usually caused by unexpected wrong design, a wrong BOM list, bad assembled/soldered(I hate FFC connectors…), bad components(broken epaper…) or just wrong silk screen. How do we usually deal with them? You know, the wall behind Seeed receptionist is made of PCBs.


We offered a batch of defected PCBs to local community in Shenzhen recently. To our surprise, a second life was given to some of these PCBs by the attendees, who are neither engineers nor artists.


pcb-rework9 pcb-rework10

Some boys’ favorites: Sculptures


Autobot, transform and roll out!




Some girls’ favorites: Jewelry

pcb-rework2 pcb-rework5

The Return of the Condor Heroes – PCB version


Yang Guo & The Condor.


pcb-rework3 pcb-rework6

Always remember: Glue Gun fixes everything! 🙂


2010122311213635362 Guess and Giveaway

How many PCBs can you name from the pictures? We’re offering a free Ethernet Shield(v1.1) for the first guy who comment 5 different products from the mess PCBs correctly!


Ethernet Shield instantly enables internet connectivity for Arduino projects. An on-board Wiz5100 ethernet controller handles up to four TCP and UDP connections, just stack it onto an Arduino to create your own networked devices. Easily check connection status with on board indicator lights. Extend your design further with two extra rows of pin header that connect to shields and prototyping boards.