Updated: Beta Program of DSO Touch


  • Beta 1st: 2 pcs of DSO Touch, late Aug
  • Beta 2nd: 10 pcs of DSO Touch, mid Sep
  • Beta 3rd: not exist yet
  • Firmware Preview: Sep
  • Pre Order: 50-100pcs, Oct

We receive 150+ request by the deadline, which come from a variety of backgrounds and countries. We saw lots of familiar names on the list, making us quite difficult to choose.

Thx all guys who sign up! Since the test plan is limited, you can get prefered pre order and coupon once the first batch is produced.

Here are the 1st lucky birds – shipping begins next week

  • Petteri Aimonen (aka jpa)
  • Tobias Schramm

Here are the 2nd testers (7 left) – shipping begins mid Sep

  • BenF
  • tormod
  • Mark Bauer

We hope to work with you to improve the usability/UI/functionality of new gadget. SeeedStudio will help you share your knowledge and experience using DSO on blog, from average usages in homebrew projects to hacking the DSO.

We reviewed your message carefully.

Chris McKernan wrotes:

The biggest problem with the Nano and Quad style portable oscilloscopes is that the User Interface lacked intuitive functionality.  It was always difficult to change settings ‘easily’.  In most cases the idea of a pocket sized test scope is great, but they always seemed to have large faults.  My use would be testing where it needs to be tested, being used for Atmel (or arduino) board designs/Field work.

That’s what I choose BenF’s firmware for DSO Nano, it’s much more simple. We hope there’re 3rd firmwares better than the original one for DSO Touch!

We reserved one for Mark Bauer, who is a university teacher of Electrical Engineering at the of Nebraska, we’d like to support education by providing affordable electronic equipments.

We will announce the final 10 testers next weekend, the sign up form is still valid for the next term (you don’t have to sign up again, we’ll go over it again then).

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