First Impression: Flexible LED Matrix #WS2812B #RGB




Amazing 8 *32 Flexible LED Matrix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t help compared it with JBL Pulse: it’s possible to make your own one using this.

The featured product comes in two specs:


Personally, I recommend the 8*32 one, which performance better in bending, you can even make it end to end easily.


Those panels are consist of  WS2812B LEDs, which are 5050 components that integrate control circuit and RGB chip in a package.  Additional benefits are:

  • Small: The LED Matrix are placed 32 Pixels each line, and there are 8 lines on each panel. The space between each pixel is 1cm. There are led strips with 144 LEDs in 1 Meter.
  • Flexible: The panel is made of flexible PCB material, extremely suitable for wearable projects and electronic fashion
  • Power-saving: 5V DC power supply, much common than the 9V~12V LEDs
  • Cascaded:  the 3-pin JST connector is very easy to use. It ONLY need one digital pin: just connect one dout to the next din

Those LED are also used on latest LED strips, we also sell them.

We don’t have a library for this matrix yet, but you can find the Arduino examples for WS2812 on the Internet and learn how to drive the monster. The matrix can be seen as a S shape of led strip.

DSC_9336 DSC_9332

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4 thoughts on “First Impression: Flexible LED Matrix #WS2812B #RGB

  1. They are chained the short way first, ie. 32 zig-zags of 8 leds.
    Btw, the arduino sketch used in the video would be helpful..

  2. Anyone know if the LEDs are chained the long way, or the short way first? My intended use would require I cut it down to 8×24.

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