Only 3 steps, ordering prototype PCB has never been so easy!

Step 1 Upload your Gerber file


What’s new

  • One click to start to upload your design, we handle all the process automatically
  • Supported file type

Step 2 Choose parameters


What’s New

  • Instant quote !!
  • More parameter options: 100-300 piece, 2oz copper thickness
  • Up to 30% off discount

Step 3 Check out or make a new PCB order


 What’s New

  • Shorten lead time: 4-5 days for PCB prototyping, 2-3 additional for 4 layer boards or over 50pcs (including weekend, never stopped)

How can we do better

It has been more than 3 years since Fusion PCB service provided. Honestly, we acted slowly.

Now it’s time to change. And let’s wait and see. More changes are coming soon!

Thank you for your constantly support and understanding!

What will be the Next Step for Fusion PCB 3.0, there will be surprse

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