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It’s pleasure to hear that MR HomeGenie Software has interest in supporting LinkIt ONE platform , which will bring more selection on hardware-software interaction based on LinkIt ONE . Makers can build their Home automation and IoT Prototypes easy-friendly with the pretty good experience of HomeGenie Software. While ,let’s back to the beginning of the story

“I am interested in adding support for your LinkIt ONE board to HomeGenie software.
HomeGenie is an Home Automation / IoT software that already support some Grove modules and a variety of connected/wireless devices and protocols.

Some examples and videos:


The best would also be letting LinkIt ONE being programmed from within HomeGenie web interface as well.”

my idea would be to use LinkIt-ONE to create wireless sensors/devices that can be managed/programmed using HomeGenie as it already happens other supported devices.
Here follows some project ideas.

Basic project:
– use LinkIt-ONE IDE/SDK to create a wireless device with a web service api to control it (eg. a roller shutter using the servo example and pheraps a luminance sensor)
– integrate it into homegenie making an APP (automation program plugin) to keep the desired room light level until there’s enough outside light, or shutting it all and turning on room’s lights when outside light is not enough to keep the desired level
– make a tutorial/video showing how the LinkIt-One shutter can be remotely controlled/programmed using the HG automation engine and web interface

Advanced project:
If I well understood, LinkIt-ONE require to be connected via USB in order to upload the firmware. What I was thinking is to create a common firmware for the LinkIt-ONE that basically will enable the board to be programmed wirelessy using the HomeGenie automation engine. But since I don’t have a LinkIt-ONE and since it’s not already very clear how it works, I don’t know if this will be possible.
If I can achieve that, LinkIt-ONE will be very easy to program and play with by just using a web browser from even a tablet =) ”

The story is on going . Thank you for sharing us with such a easy-friendly software on LinkIt ONE ,MR HomeGenie

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