Click-Click Edison

By Baptiste Vauthey

Click-Click Edison MTXX

This is a button-mashing game on a platform built with available materials (hot glue, clear tape, and a plastic box).

I was meditating, reflecting upon my simple existence as Gandhi reached out from the spirit world. As his spirit descended upon my soul, he produced a vision – a vision of the future. This vision took shape, and he bestowed upon me these simple words “make the world’s fingers dance.” I was, for the first time of my life, inspired.

Much like Noah building his first ark during the time of the great flood, this was my first time ever attempting to hack hardware. The result was a game where you push buttons in the same direction as the scrolling arrows. Your index and middle fingers must dance along the buttons as you replicate the direction of the arrow.

I prototyped the game first in the cardboard box that the Intel Edison came in, but then transferred it to the plastic grove box. The final product was made from a grove starter kit plus case, four cheap buttons, a grove LCD screen, and an intel Edison. The buttons had to be soldered on because it was hard to find 4 grove starter kit buttons. Due to the lack of power tools and fitting bolts, I had to use the tape that came in the small gift boxes from Intel’s booth as well as hot glue to hold everything together, but it ended up being fairly sturdy. Overall, I’m happy that I managed to get a functioning game.


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December 2014