New Product – We are running #Lua on #ESP8266 #NodeMcu


NodeMcu is an dev board enabling you use Lua script on ESP8266 on a higher Software Abstract Layer. Featuring an open-source firmware, it is also equipped with a development toolchains helps you burn the firmware, download the codes. Currently it’s friendly to Windows system, the creators are developing the cross platform dev kits right now.

It will be in stock on 20th, only at seeedstudio.

Here’s a short and dirty guide for mac users to getting started.

Install the driver

NodeMcu uses a USB 2 Serial called CH340, you have to download the driver, install the package as you used to do on Mac.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.48.03 PM

After the installation, you can test the serial by filtering using simple bash:


ls /dev | grep tty | head


In this picture the tty.wchusbserialfa130 is the right one.

Connect the board


I’m using iterm2 on the mac as terminal simulator, using screen command to connect the serial.

After you logging successful, you will find the Lua interpreter.

The init.lua file does not exist by default, you have to download the codes with the Dev kits or using the code (file.writeline). If you are using Mac, you will meet the gap downloading the code , not supported for Mac right now.

Here’s a listed feature of the programming interfaces for your reference.

  • IO
  • PWM
  • Wifi
  • HTTP Server
  • Read Sensor

The product will be in stock in 1 week, the team is developing the cross platform. Are you ready?

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  1. So, is the NodeMcu available? Blog post says from 20 Jan but I see none listed for sale as of 23 Jan.

    1. so sorry that we confirmed the production is delayed, the producing is about to finish by the end of this month

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