“PM TALKS” SERIES_ Grove Wi-Fi (ESP8266)

Glad to meet you again this week! As we promised in our last “PM TALKLS” blog shared by our Product Manager Xiao Bo (“PM TALKS” SERIES _IOT AND ESP8266 WIFI MODULE),we will bring you some more surprise about our new Grove products with Wi-Fi as its published date is closing.

Today our PM Xiao Bo is excited to TALKS about Grove Wi-Fi. And he will show us how to use a Grove Wi-Fi, and upgrade its firmware.

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As one of Seeed’s new IoT products to be published in the near future, Grove WiFi (ESP8266) is a kind of Uart Wi-Fi indeed, which can work when combined with some main boards supporting Grove sensors like Arduino,MSP430.

What are the features of Grove Wi-Fi?

  1. Interfaces compatible with Grove
  2. ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC enabled, 802.11 b/g/n supported
  3. AT Command supported
  4. Low Power
  5. Easy to work together with hundreds of Grove sensors, like Temp &Humidity, Sound, Light.
  6. Arduino Library supported, so maybe it’s time for you to say good-bye to your Wi-Fi Shield.

Here is an usage example of it: Seeeduino + Grove Wi-Fi (ESP8266)

The communication protocol of Grove Wi-Fi is serial port and it could realize some functions such as connecting Wi-Fi AP, building Socket tunnel by AT Command (insert into a connection).

At the same time, we will provide Arduino Library for Grove WiFi (ESP8266), just as we have done on the past Grove products and bring user the feeling of simplicity and efficiency.

How to Upgrade AT firmware?

As the ESP8266 module in Grove Wi-Fi (ESP8266) contains 512 KB flash, you can upgrade the firmware of Grove Wi-Fi (ESP8266) just through the USB to serial module or tools on our official website.

USB to Serial 连接 Grove WiFi (ESP8266)

It’s just a simple connecting method above, which hasn’t set as the final way. Besides, we may consider providing another 4 expansion interfaces of it.

Here we’d like invite you to share your ideas about how to connect USB to Serial to Grove WiFi (ESP8266) .

For the friends who comes up some great ideas and post their ideas on our “Seeed PM” Group or under #Seeed PM topic on Seeed official account mentioned above, they will get a chance to win Seeed’s presents. Wait no more, join us now!

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