Here again! After an overview of the new arrivals this week ,it’s happy to find that most of these products are linked closely to our daily life, just as the  Considerate Cup Holder, a Coin Calculator…some more wonderful products right here to enlighten your life. Let’s get some to have more fun!

1) Considerate Cup Holder

Too busy to forget drink water? No worries, let’s DIY a considerate cup holder which can remind you to drink at right time. First to have the Grove – Joint as the controller, it will be the powerful brain of your project. Then get the Line Finder as the input, after power on, hold it in your hand then start to record. As a result, it will play the music when it’s time to drink water. Check our Recipe for the step-by-step tutorial.


2)  Coin Calculator

Here is the functional box helps you count coins. Let’s get the Line Finder as the input and the Digital Display as the output. The Grove – Join will play the role of controller, which is the “powerful brain” of your project. After power on, try to move your hand close to the Line Finder, then you’ll see the number on the display will increase automatically. Check our Recipe for the step-by-step tutorial.


3)  Sound Control Rotation Box

Back in time, memory of the musical box under Christmas tree was still fresh and sweet. The little princess will start to dance when she hears you. Let’s DIY a music box and let the little princess dance to your song.

First to have the Grove – DC Jack as the controller, it will be the powerful brain of your project. And the Grove – Loudness Sensor as the input while Stepper Motor Driver as the output. Power on and speak to the loudness sensor, once the sensor detects sound signals, the controller will start the stepper motor. Visit our Recipe for the step-by-step tutorial.
A lamp entirely hand made by yourself. Believe it or not, just flip it up and down and it will lighten or go out, ain’t funny? Let’s have the Grove – Logic DC Jack as the controller, which is the powerful brain of your project, the Grove – Tilt Switch as the input and Grove – LED String Light as the output. Power on and tilt the switch to flip. When the sensor detects signals, the drive will start LED light. Visit our Recipe  for the step-by-step tutorials.
The Stalker Kit includes all necessary components to work with Seeeduino Stalker V3.0. It can be used outdoors as it comes with a plastic and waterproof enclosure. You can even develop projects with it in the water. The kit includes a Solar Panel and a LiPo Battery. They might be used in remote areas like desert or jungle with the solar energy harvested and stored in the LiPo Battery.
The Relay Shield utilizes four high quality relays and provides NO/NC interfaces that control the load of high current. Which means it could be a nice solution for controlling devices that couldn’t be directly controlled by Arduino’s Digital I/Os. Standardized shield form factor enables smoothly connection with the Arduino. The shield also has four dynamic indicators show the on/off state of each relay.
Relay sheild
The sensor is designed for indoor air quality testing. The main gas detected is carbon monoxide, alcohol, acetone, thinner, formaldehyde and other slightly toxic gases. It is compatible with 5V and 3.3V power supply.
air quality sensor
Make your umbrella lighting in the rain. Let’s have the Grove – Logic DC Jack as the controller, which is the powerful brain of your project, Grove – water sensor as the input and EL Wire as the output. After complete connections, the EL Wire-Green will light up when there’s water falling on the sensor. Check our Recipe for step-by-step tutorials.

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