Guideline for “Seeed is back” in March

From 01/03 to 31/03 EST,  we will kick off the spring sale Seeed is Back to provide great deals of products and Fusion Service with better shipping.  Take this chance to get your favorite products and service with discount.

Promotion Period:
2016   Mar 1st 00:00:00 ~ Mar 31st 23:59:59 ESTrephone, BBG, linkit

1. Save on Each Order  

We provide 4 coupons: $5 off for all orders, $20 off for order over $150, $50 off for order over $250, $100 for order over $350

Coupon Code Discount Available for order over
5seeedisback $5 $0
20seeedisback $20 $150
50seeedisback $50 $250
100seeedisback $100 $350

Please choose the coupon code based on your order amount.

All Fusion service will be included in this promotion, such as Fusion PCB, Fusion PCB Assembly, Flexible PCB, Stencil Service and Laser Cutting.

2. Flash Deals  
Week 1: Best Seller (01/03-07/03)
Week 2: Raspberry Pi (08/03-14/03)
Week 3: Tools (15/03-21/03)
Week 4: Arduino (22/03-31/03)
Detail info will be updated weekly on Promotion Page

3. Clearance
Up to 90% OFF for specific products

4. Special Deal for Fusion PCB Assembly Service
(1)   Free PCB
If you place a Fusion PCB Assembly order on Mar 1st to 31st, and the PCB will be free if the PCB parameters you choose are 1-4 layers & size≤10cm×10cm & 0.6mm<thickness<1.6mm & Qty≤10 pieces & PCB color: Green & Surface finished: Hasl & Copper Weight: 1oz & Panelized PCB: 1 design on 1 board & No Expedited Option

(2) Free soldering
If you place a Fusion PCB Assembly order on Mar 1st to 31st, and you choose Seeed commonly used components OPL in your BOM, the soldering fee of these OPL components will be free. Click here to download the OPL excel list.


5. Weekly Community Rewards
Every Tuesday: comment our community blog post and get a chance to win freebees and coupons!
Every Thursday:RT our Twitter post and get a chance to win freebees and coupons!
It is a gift for our users who keep update of our community activity. If you need subscription, you can leave your email address for our blog updates and follow us on Twitter.


1. There are some products on Flash deals or Clearances deals included in my order. Can I still enjoy the “Save on Each Order” discount for those products?

— No. we will minus the total amount of those products first and then calculate how much your final order amount is suitable for the “Save on Each Order” discount.

2. How do I know if some products are available for the “Save on Each Order” promotion or not?

— Only products on “Flash deals” page ,  “Clearance” page , OPL page and some special products are not available for the “Save on Each order” promotion.

3. How to use the coupon?

— Paste coupon code when checkout as following, the discount will be applied to your order .coupon使用方法

All coupons will show on our promotion page or checkout page. You can just follow tips to paste proper coupon in your checkout page.

Each order can only use 1 coupon.

4. Can the coupon be used  for both Bazaar Product and Fusion Service?

–Yes, the coupon is available for both Bazaar and Fusion.

5. How to place free PCB and soldering PCBA order?

— Our system will detect the PCB parameters you choose and the amount of OPL components in your BOM automatically, the discount will be applied when you place the order.

6.How to place a $4.9 PCB order?

— Paste 5seeedisback(coupon code) in your $9.9 orders when checkout. You can place the order here.

7. Is the shipping fee available for coupons of  the “Save on Each Order”?

— No, it is not included.

Should you have any question, feel free to reach us through [email protected]

Enjoy making! 🙂


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