Guideline for First Time Shopper in Fusion March Deal


If you are a first time shopper for Fusion Service and place the order in March 1st – 31st, 2016 (EST), we would like to offer you special deals as following.

1. $20 coupon for second time purchasing.  The coupon will be sent through Email on April 8th, 2016 and expired on April 8th, 2017 (EST)

2. A Gift.  We will randomly choose one of the following gifts for you and put it in your parcel.  Hope you like it! 🙂

IMG_4238 crop  rulerorder now


1. How can I get the $20 coupon?

— As long as you are a new user of fusion service and you place an order in March, no matter how much is the order amount, we will send you a $20 coupon code to you through E-mail.

— Available for all Fusion services, such as Fusion PCB prototyping, Fusion PCB Assembly, Flexible PCB and Stencil Service

2. When can i use the coupon?

— You can use the coupon whenever before Apr 8th, 2017 (EST)

3. How many times can I use the coupon?

— Each account can only uses one time.

4. If I am a new users, besides the $20 coupon, can i also use the “seeedisback” coupon?

–Yes, you can still enjoy all the following coupons.

Coupon Code Discount Available for order over
5seeedisback $5 $0
20seeedisback $20 $150
50seeedisback $50 $250
100seeedisback $100 $350


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