New product release: Seeeduino Stalker V3.1


Back to 2009, in order to make it more conveniently and economically to build out door application, Seeed Studio released its first X-Bee carrier board—Seeeduino Stalker V1.0 which is a big success.

During the past 7 years, Seeeders have been continuously developing and upgrading the stalker series to make it more powerful and up to date. There are 6 versions of Seeeduino Stalker ever existed, the most recent one is Stalker V3.0, which was released in 2014.Ever since it was released, we have been collecting feedback from our users, and preparing for upgrading. This summer we are excited to announce that the 7th member of the stalker family–Seeeduino V3.1 has been released.

Compare to V3.0. The main surprise you’ll find about V3.1 is impressively low power consumption, in sleep mode, the output current of the whole board will be as low as 100uA, this is an upgrade truly derived from users feedback.

How do we achieved it? In V3.0, when MCU is in sleep mode, all the power supply ports are still working, including Bee area port, 3.3v port, VCC. However all the sensors on the board can’t exchange data with MCU during sleep mode, which means the power supply of those port doesn’t make any sense but consuming the lithium battery. In V3.1, we made a big progress. When MCU is in sleep mode, all other power supplement on the board can be cut off manually, so that power can really be saved.


Other Changes.

  • There is a toggle switch added to X-bee area, which allows you to select either the hardware serial port or software serial port base on what you want to connect.
  • We also added 2 toggle switch on RTC circuitry corresponding 2 INT pin of MCU, so that users can easily choose which INT pin to be connected with RTC INT port then activate MCU.
  • Just like every other revises, we fixed a few bugs.

These are only simple descriptions of the upgrades of Seeeduino Stalker V3.1, welcome to visit our wiki for more detail information about this nice board. The Stalker series is a good choice for out-door data-logging applications. Stalker V3.1 is the best stalker ever. If you are going to build tracking, monitoring and control projects, please don’t hesitate to get your own Seeeduino Stalker V3.1.





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