Tools & Resources of Grove for IoT projects

Here is a guideline of useful resources for your Grove project. We highly recommend every Grove users to read it when getting started. If you want to include your source in the list, feel free to comment below.


1.Wiki System

From Grove modules for sensors and actuators, communication, cables, power to shield and kit, this wiki page give you an comprehensive introduction to Grove system.


2. Connector Protocols and power supply

1) intro to connector protocols and how it connect to Arduino/Raspberry Pi by Switchdoc

Different Grove modules work with different protocols like UART/I2C/Analog/Digital and power voltage. Beware to find the right one for your project.

2) all Grove modules with port types


3.MRAA libraries

Libmraa (pronounced “em-raah”) is a C/C++ library (with bindings to JavaScript and Python) to interface with the GPIO pins on the Intel Galileo, Intel Edison, and other platforms. With MRAA, you won’t need to install driver for modules. Currently MRAA libraries support 40+ Grove modules.



npm is a package manager. Installs, publishes and manages node programs.

1) io Gallileo by JohnnyFive Team

2) node-red-contrib-grove-sensors-edison   by martinkronberg

3) iogalileo by  nagesh-c

4) node-red-contribwioseeed  by  warriorrocker



Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.Currently 9 Grove modules available for nodeRED interface. Contributing guide if you want to make your own.

1) Seeed Studio Beaglebone Green NodeRED interface

2) BeagleBone Green Wirelessand NodeRED)  by Peter Scargill

3) WIO Link – HTTP Requests from Node-RED by AIOT MAKER

4) Palace Cinema – Wio Link, Addressable LEDs & Node-RED by Cory Guynn



Johnny-Five is the JavaScript Robotics & IoT Platform.

Johnny Five and Intel IoTDevKit Example Sketches on github by rwaldron


7. labview & Arduino

8 extensive video tutorials to interface Arduino(Seeeduino Lotus) with Labview for beginner.


8.Hardware Development Kit for Arduino UNO/Arduino Leonardo

If you want to design your own board for prototype, this Hardware Development Kit (HDK) for Arduino UNO and Leonardo are the easier way to get started. The guidelines give you the drawings of common circuits like power (voltage regulator), Oscillator and Reset, etc., which will greatly shorten the designing process.


9. Grove 3D model & sketchup

If you have any question in forking it or creating your own Grove case, please comment in this thread. Our mechanical engineer is here to help. Feel free to submit your new 3D printing file/link here as well.

1) 3D printed cover for Seeed Grove LCD by @Chris Osborn

2) Sketchup for Grove Modules and Shield by @Nicolas TOURREAU

3)  Grove 1×1 mount by @Kirk Shoop

4) Des tours à imprimer en 3D pour fixer des modules Grove… By TECHNOCODES
// a way to arrange your Grove vertically lol


10. Wish of Next Grove Modules

We have around 10 new Grove modules/ shield/kit coming out every 3 months. Make a wish/request onthis thread to let us know where we should move on to invent something fun and useful.


11. Newsletter Update 

Grove weekly by @Switchdoc  



For more, please check out our Grove Page on community website.

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