Announcing the winners of Intelligent Speaker Idea Contest!

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! Congratulations to all the winners!


First  Place:

Meet VIC – Voice in the Car by dsrc12


VIC is a Voice input and output system to operate In the Car. This is a feasibility project that will be extended in a number of stages. For the purposes of road safety VIC will be constructed and tested on the desktop initially but field trials in the car will come latter. Stage One for VIC is very simple and at this stage only gives real time measurements of travel time between junctions on motorways in NSW. You say “VIC travel time” “Melbourne” and “Sydney” and VIC transmits a WEB API request to the motorways operator for the current measured travel time via your mobile phone. On return VIC translates the text reply from motorways operator to speech and plays the answer over the car bluetooth speaker system. The result you get is from a measurement of real time data not just expected travel time and comes from the same data source as the variable message signs on the motorway displays.

Second Place:

MP3 Alarm Clock with voice control by Salvador Rueda


Salvador’s MP3 alarm clock is a simple Arduino, with a RTC, a 1.8″ TFT display and the most important part isSerial MP3 Player board (YX5300 chip). Every morning It wakes him up playing a mp3 file. Actually always play the same file, it is a synthesized female voice that says, in a really sexy way, “Good morning. It’s time to wake up” but it could play whatever you want. Meanwhile It’s good enough for me and, to be fair, this project is still in process. In the morning when the Alarm Clock starts playing the “Good morning” mp3 file, he switches it off by unplugging the Arduino because it is the easiest way, is better than look for a small button. He is just thinking about use another kind of sensors like ultrasonic or a big button or a keypad.    So that’s the scenario he has, and sincerely voice control would be a great improvement.


Voice Controlled Home Automation by LUKAS KRISHNAN



This project proposes an automation system where users can use voice commands to control their electrical appliances, such as light, fan, television, heater etc. The main aim is to help make the life of people more comfortable, especially for the elderly and disabled as they will not have to be actually present near an appliance to turn it on or off. Control your Arduino with voice commands using an Android smart phone. The proposed system therefore provides solutions for the problems faced by old or disabled persons in daily life and makes their life easier and more comfortable by proposing a cost effective and reliable solution. Since low-powered components were used, this system proved to be power efficient, thereby saving energy.



Voice control explorable computer by Craig Comstock


Craig wants to create a device which is not only controllable by voice but also programmable. Would probably start with something like the MT2502/rephone/linkit one. The device would include a speaker and microphone as well as bluetooth or headset jack for getting sound in and out. For software he would try to pare down a voice synth such as espeak or maybe get real crazy and use something like SAM (Software Activated Mouth).

Third Place:

Dog food dispenser by ArduinoBasics


Auther’s kids always feed the dog till the last minute – i.e. just as they are about to leave the house. It would be great if he could just announce

  • “Dog Food #1”
  • “Dog Food #2”

The different commands would dispense a specific amount and type of food associated with that command. This way the dog gets the right amount of food exactly when he chooses, and can have a variety of food based on what the command is.

If the dog is being good or doing the right thing – he could announce:

  • “Dog Treat”

If he wanted to feed the dog at some point in time in the future (while he was out).

  • “Dog Food #1 at 7pm”

This would allow you to maintain a specific routine if you wanted to.


Intelligent Book reader for Blind People by sushantmagoo


To make a book reader which can process a image of text with camera using Google Vision API and vocalize it using speaker using text to speech, which can help Blind People to read a book.


Samsung Smart TV, Blueray Player Voice Remote Control by laurencehr


Those who have a samsung smart tv will know that there is a complement (webcam) is put on the TV, to enable voice control and gestures, but this is a little expensive.  Long ago Laurence wanted to find a way to the TV garment at a gesture, voice, or by any app (from a smartphone or pc). This idea stems from that problem. The solution: Build a device that is always connected and is configured to detect exact words such as ‘on tv’, ‘off tv’; even at a considerable distance (usalmente I’m on the pc a few meters from the tv). This device must have an IR transmitter so you can control the TV, I think Samsung has a standard for this. And this device can be connected to the Internet, allowing send commands from an app.


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