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It is very important for the developer who needs to do PCB Assembly process to choose the components, not only the kind of components but also the quality, which is also related to the components suppliers.

Seeed Fusion prototype pcb assembly service has a plenty of stock and great quality components because there are some reliable electronic components distributors are supporting us. Let us know more about them.


Digi-Key is the fourth largest distributor of electronic components in a wide line of North America and board level components distributor. It is the world’s fifth largest distributor of electronic components.

Seeed has cooperation with them since 2015, their inventory is adequate and quality is guaranteed, we are assured to buy their components.


Mouser Electronics is the world’s leading distributor of electronic components, with a leading manufacturer of over 600 industries.

They focus on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies for design engineers and buyers. Adequate inventory and quality assurance are also reasons why we work together.


Some special components can be obtained from element 14, which is a high service distributor, responsible for the design, maintenance and repair of electronic systems. Collection of products, services and development of the latest software, all connected to online community project, buyers and engineers can access the peers and experts, to obtain a wide range of strong-minded technical information and useful tools. Whether it’s researching new technologies, designing electronic products, or looking for parts to fix existing systems.


We’ve added two popular module components we’ve got them from the recent OPL, SMD, P1, and particle WFI module antennas. The particle is an extensible, reliable and secures networking device platform that enables businesses to quickly, easily build, connect, and manage their connection solutions. Particles launched 2013 on Kickstarter to make things simple and convenient for Internet companies.

Of course, those component suppliers don’t meet all of components we need, we also have cooperation with Shenzhen local component manufacturers, they provide us many channels to get more specialist components, combined with the Seeed open part library, Fusion PCB Assembly service offers one-stop high-quality, low volume yet affordable PCBA service.

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