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Hey Seeekers,

On July 2-27, School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe (aka. School of Ma) will have a 4-week Winners & Losers Course in Berlin. As a community partner, Seeed got a 40% off scholarship from School of Ma, and we would like to pass it to ONE OF YOU.

The course participants will be led by 4 instructors to learn and work with interactive electronics and creative coding to build their own physical installations. The program also discusses how traditional concepts of competition have influenced the building of games and challenges students to create games beyond these traditional frameworks.

Here are some really cool projects created by the instructors and participants of previous courses:

#Hello, Operator!

“It is a game played on a vintage telephone switchboard from 1927, a refurbished Western Electric 551-A. You’ll listen to callers using a vintage telephone handset, connect calls by physically connecting patch cables between ports, and receive feedback through a series of status lights. The game teaches you how to use the hardware exactly how it would have been used in 1927. Project by Mike Lazer-Walker.”


#Seduce the Train

“Inspired by old model trains, Seduce the Train, a project by Kati Hyppa with Niklas Roy, is a two-person game played in turns, moving the train from one station to another. It was originally conceived at Eniarof, a pop-up fun fair concept by Antonin Fourneau.”


#The Forbidden Fruit Machine 屏幕快照 2018-06-21 下午5.11.31

“It is an interactive installation by Kati Hyppa with Niklas Roy. It is based on a painting called “The Fall of Man” created by Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem in 1592. The machine reinterprets the historical artwork in the form of a mechatronic video game, giving the spectator of the painting the chance to control the destiny of the forbidden apple with a joystick.”


#Interactive Cross Stitchstitch_5

“This interactive cross stitch activity introduces those who are unfamiliar with technology to the Internet. By connecting to an-on screen lesson, the object becomes a controller that advances the tutorial as each stitch is made, bridging the gap between analog and digital processes. Project by Alice Stewart.”

If you are a Seeed customer (especially in Europe), and you would love to participate in this course, you could leave a comment here to get the 40% off scholarship. A lucky draw will be applied when the number of coupon applications is more than 1. Good luck!

屏幕快照 2018-06-21 下午5.11.15

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