Come Fab with Seeed on Fab City Summit in Paris

For the upcoming July, the Fab City Summit 2018 will be a huge thing for the fab city community. The summit, organized by Fab City Grand Paris, Mairie de Paris and Fab City Collective, will take place on July 11th-22nd in Paris. It will be a gathering-together to push forward the Fab City movement! Get a ticket to Fab City Summit 2018 now!

“Fab City is a movement that aims to transform the way we consume and produce almost anything in cities, making them more sustainable and resilient, by enabling local production and global collaboration using traditional knowledge and advanced technologies. ”

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Fab City Summit has a series events starting from July 11th, including Fab City Lab Summit, Fab City Conference and Fab City Campus. There will be many insightful and thought-provoking keynote speeches presented by the gurus from cities, industries and societies. There will be meetups, masterclasses, workshops, and cool exhibitions.

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Also, Eric Pan, the Founder & CEO of Seeed has been invited to join a panel on Fab City Conference. He will present how Seeed fabricates smart solutions in city-wide settings, share the application cases that we have implemented in the China context (Shenzhen, Dongguan – a city next to Shenzhen & Hebei, a province in northern China).

And we’ll unveil a new #Grove compatible product that we have been working closely with Fab City for the last few months on the Conference too. Please stay tuned, and let’s meet in July in Paris!

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